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We Made It Simple How It Works?

at DoctorTrusted we will never leave you alone because we are committed to helping you get the best medical treatment that you need quickly and efficiently.

Step 01. Diagnostics

You will tell us about your medical case and send us all relevant medical records and diagnostics obtained from your treating doctors.

Step 01.

Step 02. Matched Hospital

Our team will review your case and pick the right and best suitable hospital  for your budget and treatment level.

Step 02.

Step 03. Treatment Plan

Your matched hospital physician will work on your case review it asked for more information and set up a free conference call if needed and write a report with a diagnostic and treatment plan.

Step 03.

Step 04. Travel arrangements

once you give us the go-ahead our experts will start working on your travel arrangements from A to Z, You will be assisted from the moment of your arrival up until the end of your recovery process.

Step 04.

Step 05. Flight Back

Once you are given permission by your physician to flight back you will be escorted to your flight back home recovered and rejuvenated your healing travel experience will exist as your best memory.

Step 05.