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Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

The heart is one of the most vital organs in the entire body, responsible for pumping blood through the circulatory system, providing muscles with energy and delivering oxygen to muscles, among many other duties. Thus, cardiology is one of the most important branches of medicine of all, focusing on matters of the heart and circulatory system.

Cardiologists and surgeons are able to treat a wide range of cardiac problems, including performing cardiac surgery, when necessary, for operations like a valve replacement, cardiopulmonary bypass, or coronary artery bypass. Many people choose to pursue these forms of cardiac treatment in Turkey, due to the high quality of medical care and the affordable prices offered by this nation.

Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery in Turkey

Some of the most common heart conditions can include coronary artery disease, which is most often caused by a build-up of LDL, or cholesterol, that gathers in the arteries and causes blockage, resulting in chest pain, tightness, and fatigue. Eventually, a blood clot may form, blocking one of the arteries leading to the heart and causing a heart attack.

Another common issue is heart failure, which is caused when the heart muscle weakens or stiffens, resulting in improper functioning and meaning that the heart won’t be pumping adequate amounts of blood around the body. Again, shortness of brain and chest pain can be symptoms of this issue. Arrhythmia is another common heart complaint, which occurs when the heart isn’t beating regularly or at the correct pace.

There are other heart problems too, including infections, aneurysms, and valvular heart disease, along with congenital heart defects, but treatment options can be found in Turkey for almost any cardiological issue. Treatment options can range in style, often involving surgery of some kind like heart valve surgery to repair or replace valves that aren’t working the way they should or artery bypass surgery in which blocked arteries are cleared out.

Turkey is one of the top options to go for heart treatments and cardiac surgery of all kinds. It boasts some of the best medical facilities in the world, with experienced, qualified, leading surgeons and cardiac experts standing by, ready and waiting to diagnose your issues and deal with any heart defects you may be experiencing. Many patients are drawn to Turkey due to the amount of money they can save and the high standards of medical care they will receive, and Doctor Trusted makes the process easier.

Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery with Doctor Trusted

For all patients dealing with heart problems, Doctor Trusted can help. We can put you in contact with some of the top cardiologists and cardiological surgeons in the country to handle a range of surgeries and treatment options. Your health is so important, and that’s why you should never settle for second best. We don’t either. We can connect you to the very best doctors, surgeons, and specialists in the country, always choosing the top option for the job.

We aim to make the process of seeking cardiac treatment in Turkey much easier and more manageable for all, helping you to arrange all the details and matching you with the right medical decision for your needs and budget. We’ll help to sort out travel arrangements and simplify the entire experience, de-stressing you for your cardiac surgery and helping you find the high-quality care you need. Call us to find out more.